Privacy Policy v0.1

Information We Collect

We collect small pieces of information about each visit, though none of them are shared with 3rd parties.

Cookies & Session Cookies

nom nom, tasty cookies

Since we need to write a session cookie called SID on your computer to identify that you are logged in or not, we have to write a little cookie on your computer. Without it, you will not be able to log in. This cookie will allow you to stay logged in at the website... yes, that is all it does.

But then there is the Google Analytics cookie which is being used by Google to track every interaction you make with this website... You can Opt-Out from that via Google Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

This site is proxied via Cloudflare and they do for some reason also store a cookie,.. sorry, you can read more about that one at Cloudflare Cookie Policy & What does the Cloudflare cfduid cookie do? & Cookie Pedia: cf_use_ob.

IP Logging

Whenever a user tries to log into the website with a known username, the IP is stored. The user can see all of the IP addresses attached to login attempts on his/hers username.

Server Logs

The server is logging requests sent to the server and will be reviewed only for error correction and hacker attempts.

Information We Ask For

Information which you provide for us while being active as a member of the site.

Your Consent


An Email

  1. Your email will not be shared from this site, it will only used for features such as I forgot my password... something we still haven't coded yet, but if you write us an email we will figure it out together.
  2. And in case of a security breach we will inform you via email about the damage which has been done.

Personal name

Since this site doesn't have a block to save personal name, such detail will not be shared with other sites. However if you choose to include your personal name as your username or in your profile description, it is entirely up to you, but we suggest that you keep it safe.


Well, here is a thing we do share, since it is public visible to the world.


This one is critical, it is important that you understand this. Your password is not stored in plain text (as you write it) nor is it hashed as md5 or similar. We honestly do not know your password since it will be stored in encrypted forms using bcrypt algorithm... so if your password is password it will be stored like this: $2y$11$9Slb3yHr26/2bj6Jj2v3Yu9JlT10qcZLci9aVdPpX1Mp7m3EGuM0K... seriously, refresh the page and you will see that the string has changed... so do not ask us for your password if you have forgotten it and do not ever tell anyone your password.

We have strong password requirements here. You need to use A-Z a-z 0-9 and also at least one special character (#, $, €, %... etc) and at least 8 characters long.


Every picture you upload to this website as an artist is yours.

We might need to include more details here...